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As a Former DUI Prosecutor

, Charleston, SC attorney Tim Amey worked closely with the South Carolina DMV and gained invaluable insight on how their system operates.  Dealing with government bureaucracy can be extremely frustrating and for working stiffs, a few extra days without a license can exponentially exaggerate the inconvenience of getting to and from work.  Charleston, SC attorney Tim Amey is ready to put his experience to work for you.  Time is of the essence when your license is suspended as a result of a DUI arrest, so call today.  Attorney Amey is ready to fight your suspension and help you get back on the road.

DUI charges can result in a number of different Driver’s License Suspensions.

Penalties for DUI Conviction include a minimum suspension of six months, but S.C. Law also attaches suspension penalties related to the submission and refusal of a breath test.  Anytime drivers are involved in a Charleston, SC DUI arrest, they are taken to a facility and offered a breath test.  Some exceptions apply where injuries require medical assistance and there are also opportunities for additional testing at the request of the person charged, but by and large most cases end with a breath test.

At that point, you make your own destiny.  How you decide to respond, whether to take the test or to refuse it, and what sort of sample you provide, if you do take it, all factor in to how the suspension penalties will apply.  The Law in South Carolina is designed to encourage and reward providing a sample, and most harshly punish the decision to refuse.  This “Implied Consent” statute presumes that upon receiving a driver’s license in the State of South Carolina you have given implied consent for a test of your breath.  Here’s how it works:

Being charged with DUI or DUAC in South Carolina

can result in suspension of driving privileges in several different ways.

Implied Consent Driver’s License Suspensions:

Charleston, SC DUI charge pending?  You need to call immediately for a consultation.  They key to avoiding unnecessary suspensions of your SC DL is to act quickly.  If you miss the window to appeal your administrative suspension, the chance is gone for good.  Call Attorney Tim Amey right away for a free consultation.